Thursday, 24 January 2008

Graffiti Workshop Website

Scenario Number 1. You run a youth club and your young people keep pestering you about doing a 'graffiti art' activity. You give Graffiti Workshop a call. We turn up. The young people have a great time and your activity gets a wonderful evaluation.

Scenario Number 2. Your bedroom looks boring. Same old same old. You get your parents to give Graffiti Workshop a call. We turn up. Your room just got 'pimped' ! Now all your mates want to come round to check it out.

Scenario Number 3. You are a 'team building' company. You have a client wanting a creative experience for their personnel. You give Graffiti Workshop a call. We turn up. Everbody has a fun time and your client calls you back a week later saying 'everyone is getting on so well and work's never been so good!'

Hello and Welcome to Graffiti Workshop.

We are a leading European graffiti art contractor, based in the UK, who specialise in providing a graffiti art experience for those who want something new, something unique, something out of the ordinary.

Established in 2005, the company provides the latest approaches in graffiti workshop education and practice. Teaching organisations and young people alike, Graffiti Workshop has teamed up with the police, youth offending teams, schools, youth clubs and churches to name a few. We have enjoyed spraying graffiti art on cars, walls, carparks, shops, canvases, backdrops and bedrooms- basically if it doesn't move, we'll spray it! Don't believe us? - check out the Gallery to see what we do.

Want to know where we're at ? The Graffiti Projects page shows news and forthcoming Graffiti Workshop events.

If you would like references prior to booking a graffiti workshop then check out Our Portfolio page which provides links to all our previous clients.

So by now you'll want to know who we are. The Graffiti Crew page shows the current line up of the Graffiti Workshop Team.

Now that you're interested, what are you waiting for? BOOK NOW! for a Graffiti Workshop

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