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MESH is a unique professional development opportunity for cultural and heritage* professionals from across the north of England.


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What? An exciting and active learning process exploring new approaches to work-based problem-solving and learning. Each participant will be encouraged to explore an issue or obstacle related to their work/ organisation, including receiving feedback from an expert panel.

When? 12/13 and 26/27 February 2008 (you must be able to commit to all four days)

Where? Sandbox, University of Central Lancashire, Preston. Sandbox is an innovative and stimulating environment that provides the backdrop to a range of techniques and toolkits that provide real solutions to real problems. See

For whom? 20 cultural and heritage professionals from organisations across the north of England (NW, NE and Yorkshire and Humber). Ideally, these people will be at a level to effect organisational change (curator, director, board member/ trustee, experienced freelancer). The programme allows for up to two people per organisation.

Why? The project is seeking to develop of professional training, research and knowledge transfer in the creative and cultural industries. It is a Northern Edge project, funded by Northern Way, and developed by Sandbox and the University of Hull.


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What is MESH?
MESH is an innovative scheme designed to engage heritage professionals in work-based learning and new approaches to problem-solving. There will be engagement on issues around organisational change, diversity, new technologies and audience development. It is free-of-charge to attend.

Working with the other attendees and interacting with other external input, participants will then be able to present their issue and learning to an expert panel for feedback, guidance and support.

What will actually happen as part of the process?
Participants will be guided through a series of workshops and sessions to explore their issue and develop possible solutions.

The benefits of this exciting opportunity include:
• Participating in an intensive creative workshop with peers and expert mentors
• Extending your professional network
• Learning new tools to effect change
• Developing an innovative solution to an existing problem or issue

How many people will be at the lab?
A maximum of 20 people - there are very limited places due to the nature of the programme.

How much does it cost?
Nothing, it’s free. You just need to commit the time, we provide everything else, including accommodation, meals and materials (except your travel to Preston).

For those who would not otherwise be able to attend for financial reasons (such as freelancers), or those with exceptional circumstances/ costs, there is the possibility of a bursary/ subsidy – please contact us for more information.

When and where will MESH take place?
MESH will be hosted in Preston at Sandbox on 12/13 and 26/27 February 2008. Overnight accommodation will be provided.


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Want to register your interest? Got a question? Not sure if this for you? Contact Laura Drane, 0161 273 1171 or


Northern Edge. Nurturing creative enterprises in the North
MESH is supported by Northern Edge, Sandbox and the University of Hull.

* Definition of heritage = museums, archives, galleries, rural and maritime natural features (and their interpretation), historic built environment, language(s), folklore and cultural expression. It intersects with the other creative industry sectors in various ways, such as history of fashion, art and design, the heritage of film, and digital visualisation of the past.

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