Thursday, 1 November 2007

'Mapping the City: Research Methods and Problems'

CAVA welcomes everyone back to the University and begins its second annual VCRF programme with an open meeting on developments and plans for the coming period - including, of course, the arrival, finally, of 'Capital of Culture' year for the city.

Come to this meeting to help decide the questions and issues that CAVA will confront in this forum for debate amongst the institutions, agencies and people concerned with the future of art and architecture in Liverpool.

This meeting will begin with a consideration of the tensions between providing space for experts and professionals to consider the topics that matter to them and the task of reaching all others in the city, who might variously be construed as 'lay people', 'consumers' and 'citizens'.

How might it be possible for CAVA and its collaborating partners to identify and address their interests? This theme will also feature strongly in the one-day conference planned for Wednesday 7 November 2007 entitled 'Mapping the City: Research Methods and Problems', co-organised by CAVA, the City in Film AHRC research project and the 'Impact 08' Liverpool: Capital of Culture research project.

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